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“From A Pastor’s Heart” With Guest, Pastor Mike Fritcher

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Pastor Mike Fritcher. He’s the senior pastor of Cottonwood Church in Dublin, Texas. We talked about lifestyle worship and as the senior pastor, what he’s looking for in his worship team. 

I have a couple of takeaways from this episode I’d like you to think about – first, take the time throughout each week to prepare, both in the natural or mechanical things, as well as the spiritual things so you have something to offer the people as you come together. Second, we’re worship leaders, not cheerleaders. It’s not our job to get people excited. But it is our job to inspire them. We do this by reminding them Who we are worshiping through the things we say and the songs we sing.

I’d love to hear from you! What’s something you plan to do this weekend to implement what you’ve just heard? Would you leave a comment below and let me know? I appreciate it!

My special thanks to Pastor Mike Fritcher for being my guest. If you’d like more info about Pastor Mike or Cottonwood Church, go to 

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